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   Welcome to WritingConcept Blog where you can get in touch with your creative side …

 As an ever-evolving Freelance Writer, creator or crafter I am going to focus mainly on creative writing and I want to share more about my work in the process. I’ll upload pictures when possible. You’ll see where I work, where I get my inspiration and what projects I’m currently working on.
I am still very excited about having changed my career path from being first a hairdresser/cosmetologist, then a Realtor, to being a writer. I’ve rediscovered my childhood passions; pencils, paper, and stories. This discovery has been both eye-opening and motivational. It’s also very exciting to learn (little by little) more about breaking away from the standard 9-5 job and currently exploring the pros and cons of working for yourself.


What about you? Do you still follow your childhood passions?


Give it a try. You might find something life changing!


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