They Said No

So you failed to convert your lead …


With so many distractions and demands on everyone’s time, it doesn’t mean that your lead is no longer interested. It’s important to realize that a prospect’s silence doesn’t reflect badly on how you’ve handled the sales process thus far. If you notice this happening more frequently than you’d like, take some time to brush up on your questioning and closing skills.

When you reconnect with them don’t mention the fact that they haven’t gotten back to you in a while. Start every sales follow-up interaction as if from scratch, and they’ll be more inclined to reengage.

Consistently asking for closes throughout the sales process is a crucial factor to sales follow-up success. If a prospect was shying away from a particular close, they might be more inclined to reengage on a different one. And any way you get the conversation going again is a good thing.

Video follow-ups are one of the most unique ways to personally connect with a customer. It adds personality and they are much more likely to respond or interact. You can say and convey so much more through video.

Help your lead feel smart about the products you’re selling, so they’ll be empowered and ready to come see you in person. Include reference links inside your follow-up email that will assist your with their research — not just generic links back to your company website.

Personalize your correspondence by including their name in your emails, sending them information based on the pages visited on your website, or responding personally to an online inquiry instead of pushing canned responses.

Re-engage leads who abandon the website with direct mailers. With IP retargeting, you can identify an online shopper’s physical address and deliver a targeted mailer to their mailbox within days.

Include scheduling tools on your website so prospects can easily sign up . The less time they spend talking to a salesperson, the more likely your leads are to schedule a service.

In these days of technology and digital messaging, people will appreciate when a you take time to send them a hand-written thank you note after each interaction. Never underestimate the value of customer service and good, old-fashioned manners. Connecting on a personal level is the benchmark of any lead follow-up strategy.

Time is of the essence! People buy when they’re ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell. Be there when they’re ready. You need to follow up with prospects consistently and frequently for an extended period of time.


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