Publish Your Personal Essay

If you are looking for a place to get your Personal Essay published look no further than THE WRITE LIFE website. Lisa Rowan has compiled a great list of 20 publications that accept essay submissions, as well as tips on how to pitch the editor, who to contact and, whenever possible, how much the outlet pays.

“Don’t worry if your life doesn’t seem exciting or heart-wrenching enough to expound upon; says Lisa, think of it as writing through yourself, instead of about yourself.”

According to Ashley C. Ford, ” Writing nonfiction is not about telling your story, It’s about telling interesting and worthy stories about the human condition using examples from your life.” Everyone has a story to tell and a message to share. The challenge lies in getting that story and message out of your head and into print.

I see the beginnings of them on Facebook and various personal blogs all the time.  Why not  explicate those beginnings, and create your own Personal Essay for publication?  We hunger for real stories from people who are willing to share their failings, trials, and anecdotes in a way in which we can relate.

I have always been a very private person where it involves my personal life, but it might just be fun and even therapeutic to put some of those long pent up feelings and thoughts on the pages of a Personal Essay.

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