The Sad World of Alzheimer’s

He is homesick for a home to which he cannot return. There is such a yearning for a home that maybe never was. A false memory that torments him while sleep eludes him. It is a grief for the lost places of his past; or is it? His mind plays tricks on his heart; showing him a shadow world that briefly warms him while he wanders in and out of the mist in confusion and then suddenly plunges back into his cold reality.

He is alone in a world that has betrayed him; a world of strangers who don’t understand. They don’t know who he is or where he is, or where he’s been, or where he wants to go. They don’t know about his homesickness or where his home is or how very cold and alone he feels. Do they?

But sometimes, for a fleeting moment he knows. He knows with such certainty that there is the One who has always been there and will always be there. In this brief moment clarity returns, his world is warm and at peace. He feels the love. A smile covers his face.

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