Are there better ones?


They’re called ‘bad words’ for a reason. The reason being there are better more intelligent words to be used in their place. The trouble is some of us say these words in anger or frustration as they roll off the tip of our tongue. I think if given a moment to think about it, most of us would think of a better word to use.

Today in some circles it seems to be the cool thing of the day to speak fluent ‘obscenity’. The thing is, outside that circle of citizenry many people still feel shock, dismay and disgust upon hearing such discourse.

Let’s face it most of these words have been spoken for centuries. Movies and now TV have desensitized us to such dialogue and young people tend to emulate those whom they idolize and venerate. In some cases that means a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or rock singer.

I think for the most part we don’t always give much thought to our speech. We speak the way we speak. To a point that’s a good thing. None of us aspire to be ‘phonies’. But, if we endeavor to improve our physical being, our health, and our position in life without appearing to be ‘ingenuine’, then it follows that we can also improve our speech and vocabulary.

You might think, words are words who cares, but words have ramifications, consequences and they make impressions on others. Our words leave these impressions on young minds, as well. I believe most of us want to be a positive influence on the young minds around us and a positive impression on those whom we meet in our lives.

I am put off by profane language and it tends to influence my opinion of people in a negative way. That said, I have been known to slip into such language in anger, but always regret it and feel I have let myself down. Old habits die hard, but they can be changed.

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