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This FREE! writing blog will demonstrate how you are able to turn your love of creating and writing into a lucrative job you can do freelancing from home or in the workplace for any number of industries.  You can turn your creative passion into a living which never feels like a ‘job’. 




This is the destination for writers of all types to share stories, personal experience and helpful hints.





I am still very excited about having changed my career path from being first a hairdresser/cosmetologist, then a Realtor, to being a writer. I’ve rediscovered my passion for creating. This discovery has been both eye-opening and motivational. It’s also very exciting to learn (little by little) more about breaking away from the standard 9-5 job and exploring the pros and cons of working for yourself.






Writing can be both cathartic and stress relieving.








What about you?  What’s your story? What inspired you to become a writer?

 Give it a try. You might find it life changing! 





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