Online Blogging Can Be Profitable

If your professional website is not producing the results you expect, perhaps you might consider linking with various other pages. The more pages that contain your links, the better ranking it will receive. The second aspect to be kept in mind is how often you update the content on your website. Frequently edited and updated sites receive higher ranking in search engines than those that are not.

Continually editing the content of your whole website may not be an option. What you can do is add a Blog to your website. A Blog will function as a forum for people to come to discuss your products/services.

It will create a platform, as well as become a journal where you can post updates about your operations and your website. An advantage is that the content on such blogs will not be restricted only to text, but pictures and videos can be posted, too.

Her are a few easy steps to take you through creating your own blog and things to look out for:

  • If you already have a professional website for your business, there are blog plugins which can be downloaded and added to your website. This would be the easiest way. As an alternative, you could Google ‘free blog creators. If someone is taking care of your website for you, discuss with them the possibility of adding a blog.
  • If you are not comfortable with web designing techniques, you need not worry. Creating your blog is not as complicated as designing a template for a website. There are blogging services who provide a wide range of templates from which you can choose the one most suited to your needs.
  • You must use discretion while blogging. Especially if you are incorporating your blog within your website or creating a blog to increase awareness of your product. You need to keep in mind that this is an open forum which is read by all and yours is a professional blog.
  • You do not want to say anything that may end up angering your clients. Politics and religion are the two most controversial themes, and therefore must ideally be avoided altogether. Make it clear to people who post to your blog that it is to be used for only business purposes. Diligently monitor your blog and control the content posted by others.
  • Your aim is indeed to increase the ranking of your site, so make sure to stay on topic. Discuss your products/services and ways your business is exceptional.
  • Also keep an eye on what other people write or say on their blogs. This can give you a general idea of what kind of responses those articles receive, and you can get valuable tips from them.

Blogging has come to be considered a highly effective marketing tool. You can easily create awareness of your product and get clients and customers to interact with each other. Not only customers, but those who are relatively new to your product get a platform to ask questions about it.

 Your website rankings increase because the blog is constantly being updated, commented on, and discussions are always taking place. Because of its sheer activity, the rankings improve, creating more awareness of the product.

The following are pointers for blogging about your product:

  • Never make the blog post unnecessarily long. It must be well written. Long posts tend to get tedious especially if they are not thought provoking enough.
  • Update regularly, keeping the posts short and to the point. Ideally, blog 3-7 times a week. This can be problematic in today’s busy world, but it helps to be concise and to prioritize.
  • Be entertaining where required, everyone can do with some lighthearted humor, without being derogatory. Positivity is a must.
  • You need not stick only to text. Video and photo blogging are interesting ways to share your thoughts.
  • Be yourself. Original content is much more interesting and compelling than borrowed subject matter and tired verbiage.

Adding a blog with which you may obtain feedback from your customers, while using the blog as an advertising tool is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience. It is an inexpensive way for small businesses to drive traffic to their site, enhance inbound marketing efforts and attract more perspective customers.

Think about your business, your clients and customers. Focus on writing topics that will be of interest to them. Share insights into your business, introduce new products, promote your company culture or even use your blog as a platform to answer frequently asked questions. Blogging can sometimes be just as effective, if not more, in promoting your company than through advertisements.

The main goal with any website is to be ranked number one. Search engines are a powerful tool and are the most efficient and most important way that consumers find information online It is imperative to devise a plan of action to increase your ranking

Ranking of any website depends on a few factors. It would basically depend on the relevance of the article according to the key words used; the number of times that page has been linked and viewed, etc. These are quite easy to follow, and if these factors are carefully noted and investigated, the rankings of your website can increase considerably.

In summary, blogging is statistically proven to help businesses, provides a channel of communication with customers, offers insight into your audience, helps your business to compete and can improve your SEO.

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