The Sea Gate Island Chronicles – Book One Intro

This is the introduction to a novel I’m working on…


She walked down the familiar sloping path not far from her cottage, her sun-streaked blond locks blowing wildly in the brisk salt breeze.  Reaching the light tan sand of the beach common to Georgia’s eastern coastline, she quickened her pace to an energetic jog.  The eerie quietness brought on a discomfiting feeling, as she made her way along the water’s edge.  The tide was finishing its ingress onto the beach; making it more difficult to get through in some places, forcing her to detour into the dark riparian forest of palm trees and cedars.  She didn’t usually run this section of the beach, but she felt like a change.  “Heaven knows there isn’t much of that around here.  It seems like the only thing that changes on this island is the tide,” she thought, as she leaped over a large piece of displaced driftwood without breaking stride.

The dark dampness of the forest was beginning to play on her imagination.  A bone-chilling feeling of foreboding was convincing her that she was not alone; that someone was watching her. Unable to shake the alarming notion, she quickened her pace in an effort to put the impressions behind her.  Still, she could feel the hair stand up on the back of her neck as she sensed movement just outside her peripheral vision.

Distracted by her looming fears, she stumbled through an underbrush of low growing palm ferns.  Then, the earth gave way beneath her foot; causing her to pitch violently to the ground grasping at air as she fell.

She lay motionless in the soggy bed of tropical underbrush, a line of blood trickling from the wound on the side of her head turning her blond hair to noctilucent henna.  The jungle-like forest seemed to grow even darker as the rising morning sun went behind a cloud; and from deep in the thicket, a menacing form emerged.  He crept closer to her, as she lay helpless in an ever-deepening pool of crimson fluid.  The large dark form bent down reached out with huge minacious hands; then paradoxically, he scooped her up and lumbered away.

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